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Beauty Resolutions For a Beautiful New Year


Your beauty, just like your social and successful life, needs a New Year’s list of resolutionsA�if you want to look more and more stunningA�through the years. Here are some tips for what to start and what to keep in your beauty routine. Let’s get started:

  • Take care of the haircuts. I have to warn you early – these resolutions are mostly about pampering, so I think you will like them a lot. In order to keep the ends healthy and smooth, you have to give your hair a cut every month, two tops, but don’t wait too much, otherwise you will end up dealing with tangled, dry and damaged hair.A�
  • Another monthly beauty treatment must be connected toA�your facial skin -A�go to a specialist to cleanse your face properly. Say goodbye to blackheads and dry skin. In the salon they will make the best for your skin condition. Turn it into a routine and you will glow every day with flawless skin.A�
  • And to keep that skin clean and the pores free of dirt and dead cells, you have to do some home treatments, like the exfoliating one. Exfoliate your skin once a week and you will enjoy smooth and radiant skin.A�
  • Make the brows your priority. It is important to maintain nice and groomed brows, because they are framing your beautiful face and a gorgeous picture without a beautiful frame isn’t a masterpiece.A�
  • Your smile is capable of taking you to amazing adventures, to create unforgetable relationships and brighten up someone’s day. That’s why you should take extra care of your smile this year. Use whitening and gums tightening toothpaste and reduce the coffee drinking. If you can’t brush your teeth after every meal, at least chew whitening gums.A�
  • MeetA�new colors. Don’t wear the same makeup year after year. The trends are changing, the colors too. Experiment with different colors for your makeup or at all – wardrobe, accessories, even hair, why not? Try something new about your look.
  • Lips love. Chapped and dry lips aren’tA�the sexiest picture in the world. So, as we mentioned before the skin exfoliation, the same rule applies here too. Exfoliate the lips with a homemade lip scrub, made with sugar and honey – two ingredients that could be found in any house, so, you don’t have an excuse for not doing it.A�
  • And what comes next: the manicure. Go to a professional from time to time to have your nails done. It is so nice to have someone touching your hands and making them look pretty and feminine.A�
  • You might be young, but you are not going any younger as the years come and go. Another beauty resolution is to prevent the mark of the time – erase those fine lines and wrinkles. Start to use anti-aging beauty products, eat healthier and laugh a lot, because the laughing wrinkles are the best!

The most important thing is to enjoy your life and if something is bothering, take care of it and remove the concerns. Have fun!



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