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Bad Habits That Affect Your Health


We all want to stay healthy, fit and have good skin, nails and hair, but in reality not all of us are like that. And ita�?s not only because of our genes or, if you want, our luck a�� ita�?s because our habits.

Many things that we do can affect out health and the worst part is that we dona�?t always realize how bad those habits are for us (or even that they affect us at all!). Here are some of the most common bad habits that can affect our health:

The first thing is not getting enough sleep. Your body and your brain need around 8 hours of sleep a night to feel refreshed and to work properly. When you dona�?t get enough sleep, your immune system is weak, you cana�?t think clearly (so you cana�?t study or work) and you lose your appetite. If you cana�?t get 8 hours of sleep, be sure to sleep at least 6 hours so you can function properly.

Skipping breakfast is another thing you shouldna�?t do. Breakfast is the most important meal for the whole day a�� it gives you energy for the day, keeps you full and awakes your body and metabolism. You should eat something healthy like oatmeal or fruits, and combine it with a glass of water and a lemon or a cup of green tea. Ita�?s crucial to awake your metabolism and help it to work faster if you want to look heathy and fit.

We all know that beverages with sugar in them are bad for our health. Even low-sugar drinks have ingredients that substitute sugar, but are as bad as the sugar itself for us. These types of drinks can ruin our stomach, teeth and heart if they contain caffeine in them. If you really love to drink drinks with sugar, reduce the glasses to 1 glass a day, or just stop drinking them at all a�� youa�?ll feel much more energized and happy without sugar in your life.

Avoid drinking and smoking. Stay away from smokers if you are a non-smoker because even when ita�?s from someone else, smoke can damage your lungs and your skin, too! Smoke and tar in it can clog our pores and cause redness, pimples and black heads.

People say that drinking a glass of wine every night will keep you healthy, but if I were you, I will skip the drinking part at all a�� you dona�?t know how drinking will affect your body in the future. Avoid beer and colored drinks because they are very high in calories and especially cocktails have lots of sugar in them so ita�?s better to have a good meal than to drink one cocktail a�� the calories are almost the same.

The last thing is to eat slowly and preferably on a table. When you eat fast you dona�?t chew your food properly and most of the times you eat much more than you need a�� if you eat slowly your body will give you a sign when ita�?s full and youa�?ll be able to stop; when you eat fast, on the other hand, you consume lots of food that you dona�?t need and your body cana�?t keep up with digesting it and calculating how much you really need.


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