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Appropriate Make-up for a Job Interview


Wearing no make-up or a lot of make-up can make a bad impression. You have to choose the right color combination and products that make you look professional and competent.

Go for a nude lip liner and matte lipstick and avoid liquid lip gloss. Lip gloss looks too youthful and shiny for a job interview or other formal events. The same goes for smoky eyes. You can save this look for a night out with friends or a first date. Choose neutral shades for a crisp and clean look. Blues, greens, and pinks are a no-no. Go for colors such as gold, bronze, peach, and brown as well as shimmery shades. Use a foundation if you have uneven skin tone, acne scars, or blemishes. Groom your brows and use a brow gel to show potential employers that you are someone who pays attention to details.

Ditto for fake eyelashes. Apply an extra coat of mascara if you want to accentuate your eyelashes but donat overdo. Use a plain brown or black liner and avoid glittery liners. Donat experiment with make-up before your job interview. Stick with products you have used before and are comfortable with the result.


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