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6 Ways to Make Your Road Trip Better


  1. Select who you travel with wisely

    Remember that when you are on a road trip, you will be traveling quite a lot. Actually, you will be in a car for most of the time. No matter where you are going and what exactly you are doing you will be with your travel companion literally 24 hours a day. And that is way too much time. If you don’t really know the person or you are not comfortable spending too much time with someone a�� don’t go with them.

    Imagine going with someone you fight a lot with or someone who doesn’t even share the same interests and taste in music as you a�� how will you cope with that on the road? No way! You should only go with someone you are totally comfortable with. It should be a friend you have the same interests with or even if it is a lover, it should be someone with whom you have a relationship you have trust into. I mean you can’t just break up halfway on the road a�� it will be a disaster.

    So before making any plans, think about all of that!

  2. Stay hydrated

    No matter if you are the person, who is driving the whole time or not, you should be hydrated through the whole trip. When in a vehicle for a long time or outside you get dehydrated way faster than when you are just sitting at home or at the office. Bringing water no matter where you go and drinking it is important.

    When we are on a trip we tend to not only be in a car for a long time, but go sight seeing, hiking, swimming and much more. And all of those activities take up energy. Being on the road is all because you want to explore. And you won’t be able if you don’t have enough energy and don’t feel well. In order everything to be amazing you just set a goal to drink at least two bottles of water (big ones). And also you can add up to that some coconut water or sports drinks a�� they also hydrate and make you feel good.

    Other than that in order not to forget to drink water you can download an app on your phone which will remind you to have your daily intake.

  3. Get a good night sleep

    Another thing that affects our moods and how much energy we have got is the amount of sleep we get. Once we are on the road we want to take the maximum and that is why we often tend not to rest enough. Being on the go for 16 a�� 18 per day is exhausting.

    After a long day exploring every normal person (no matter the age) MUST get a good night sleep. Sleeping for only 4 a�� 5 hours is okay once, but then it gets too tiring and it might ruin your trip at some point. And that is something no traveler wants. What I suggest is to try and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Or for the better 8 hours. But maximalism is too much to ask for, so let’s settle for 7. You will be fresh and relaxed the next day.

  4. Have SOME itinerary

    Yes, most people don’t really like to make plans. And that is okay. But you can’t just hit the road not even having a slight idea what is going to happen. No one is saying that you must have a plan that includes all of your stops, all of the places you sightsee and eat at and etc. nor we are talking about the exact time that is going to happen.

    But let’s say it like that a�� make a simple plan of the places you want to visit. For example, if you starting point is Rome, just draw around on the map the roads you want to take. Then, while on the road you might change things, but at least you will have some direction. And also you will be able to do some research.

    Yes, research is boring. But knowing what is there to be seen is kind of important. Why? Well, you don’t want to see some place later on social media, that you missed and be mad at yourself. Grab a map. Mark some places. And then write down some places you really intend to visit. Other than that let go and have fun. No one is saying that you can’t let go of everything and be spontaneous at some point.

  5. Take your vehicle for a checkup

    Many people forget that, although it might sound stupid. You are hitting the road and you probably will be driving for thousand of kilometers. How can you go on the road without checking your vehicle? It must be checked no matter if it is new, old, yours or rented. Just go and do it. It won’t take up too much time and probably everything is going to be okay, but just to be sure!

  6. Make a good music play list

    Every person likes different music when in a car. But since you are traveling with friends you probably have the same taste in music. Settle on what you would all like to listen to and make a playlist. Remember though not to leave any song behind, because you might get bored at some point.

    Probably here the driver has the biggest say. Because let’s face it a�� he or she will be going crazy at some point, while you are just relaxing. And if he wants some old school sing-alongs you have to give him those. If he wants chill a�� you upload chill. This way everything will be peaceful and fun.

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