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10 major things that every woman should have in her wardrobe


Once you have found your figure and you know what suits you and what does not , it’s time to clean up your closet. Throw away your old clothes , give those who do not fit and room for the new additions . Before any purchase , however , read the list of mandatory TEN clothing that must be present. Now is the time to lay the foundations of a good style.

1. Black short dress – not accidentally took first place. Over the years this small uniform has proven to be universal , elegant dress for work, to the store on the run , in the car, a restaurant or a theater , its applications are virtually endless. Is also known as lazy dress , because even if you do not have inspiration what to wear , it is the right decision in the busy morning. If by chance you do not make up for this omission . Buying Advice to be retracted neck , knee-length , from pleasant to wear elastic fabric which makes it not very fitting nor too wide in the body. In return you will repay thousands of nerves and saved many compliments about you .

2 . Pencil skirt in gray – and there should be no doubt in the second position. No other garment that gives so feminine silhouette and goes all women figures. Long skirt holds the crown , making all women wearing pants to feel unnoticed. It is no coincidence and choice of gray as a recommendation. Will stand perfectly black, brown , blue, green , yellow, red. Practically , every color. As for length and style, tips are the same as the little black dress.

3 . Pair of jeans – if there is one word that could rise jeans from the working class to designer catwalks , this is comfort. While still banned from certain jobs , the right pair of jeans is far more versatile to wear and each trouser combination . Three boxes to check when purchasing are: are the legs, are dark blue and have been cleared of all decorations , flower heads , trim , in a word – simple .

4 . Trench coat ( trench coat ) – after universal dress , skirt and pants came the universal jacket. I think they’re unnecessary words why you need a raincoat . It makes you indispensable . Rain, cold and wind are unknown words for this elegant friend. It is no longer shown and impervious to fashion trends . It turns out that a straight iron . If I am able to sell it to you , then opt for the classic beige color , choose a suitable cut to shape and ready . It can serve you – too.

5 . Chanel style jacket – this jacket has become synonymous with style. Introduced by Coco Chanel decades ago , worn only by the rich and for special occasions , today alternatives can be found everywhere. If you do not have yet, just look around. You will know ( classic ) in abbreviated silhouette, black and white stripes , put lapel and two smaller front pockets . And you know , you can take it anywhere – both the work and the wedding of your friends next month.

6 . White shirt – to open the closet door . Among the hangers with clothes , it appears that there is no one that does not go with this white companion . Gender are tandem to work with jeans are a great duo for a walk in the suit is known for decades, with his pants are like a married couple . Now remained only a few can get .

7 . Wallets – people say clothes wear out with age , and leather bags are beautified . Although more expensive than synthetic his buddies , investment in them is high time returns. Although nearly indestructible , beware! Avoid Pile (holds permanent stains ) , paint that broods over time , and most importantly – do not overload them ! This is a handbag not a suitcase with baggage .

8 . A pair of red leather shoes classic power – red shoes are like red lipstick , a small but necessary accessory. They are true satellite of each of the above listed. As a collector of shoes advise : stop by electricity , not higher than 10 cm Avoid platforms . Convenient one pair that allows the shoe to bend in the arm. If it is flexible , comfort is guaranteed . As far as color is gray is universal , but the red is the king in combinations . If you do not believe Think color and add it to the shoes. I think you’re going , right?

9. Cashmere sweater – warm , thick , lightweight and extremely pleasant to wear. So we can define this luxurious and difficult to maintain friend. No more cozy home for your body and damaging enemy of your purse . Quality cashmere without problem will empty your savings . Before you buy , touch it with your fingers. Should feel soft but not slick . You do not have to stay shiny . If you still are not sure, it comes close to the cheeks . If slightly pokey , content is not 100% .

10 . Bijou – whether a pair of earrings, a beautiful necklace or bracelet solid , the right accessory gives the final finish to every outfit . And here , while cashmere sweater risk in some cases to leave her purse in the store, but in any case worthwhile. Just think that will be transmitted from generation to generation! Author :


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